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Compressed air diaphragm pumps

YTS D series diaphragm pumps set the standard for compressed air diaphragm pumps. Their range of technical solutions and advanced technologies, suitability for the application, attractive design, and variety of models and versions make them probably the most fully featured range on the market at the present time.

What are the benefits of diaphragm pumps?

This series of compressed air diaphragm pumps has innumerable advantages. These include:

  • self-priming,
  • intrinsic safety for installation in areas protected by explosive conditions regulations,
  • easy flow rate and pressure regulation
  • versatility in industrial applications;
  • external no-stall valve,
  • low compressed air consumption.

Mobile version

Flexible and multi-application, double diaphragm pumps are also suitable for use on mobile trolleys.

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Key features

A choice of special materials for the metal and synthetic resin versions, plus valves and diaphragms selected for the specific application make these diaphragm pumps (metal version) particularly suited for pumping solvents, sludge, slip, resin and slurries.

The plastic version are also ideal for handling acids, bases, galvanic solutions, aggressive viscous fluids and exhausted acids.

  • Robust and corrosion resistant
  • Long life
  • Long lasting productivity
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low air consumption
  • Flow rates up to 950 l/min
  • Wide range of materials

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