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The MET-050 magnetic drive pump retains all the technical and mechanical characteristics of the smaller MET-040 (malleable cast iron casing and contact parts in PFA), but with performance boosted to 500 l/min. The TEXEL MET-050, like the others in the range, is also equipped with the Back Pull Out system for quick, easy maintenance without the need to disconnect it from the system. Versions with PFA (perfluoroalkoxy alkane) parts can be used in applications with highly aggressive fluids and at high temperatures, or in ultrapure fluid handling applications for the semiconductor industry.


  • Max flow rate: 500 l/min
  • Total head: 32 m
  • Input connections: DN50
  • Output connections: DN40
  • Wetted body: PFA - Other
  • Impeller: PVDF - ETFE - PFA - Other
  • Gasket material: PTFE - Other
  • Motor power range: da 1,5 a 5,5 Kw
  • Liquid temperature (min): -20 °C
  • Liquid temperature (max): 120 °C


Pump Body Material
TYPE Casing Impeller + Inner magnet Rear Casing
P PFA PVDF PFA + Eng.Plastic
H PFA ETFE PFA + Eng.Plastic
F PFA PFA PFA + Eng.Plastic
Z Other Combinations or Special Option


Parts Material Combination
TYPE Shaft Rear Thrust Ring Front Bearing Rear Bearing
A (Standard) AI - Ceramic AI - Ceramic C-PTFE C-PTFE
F AI - Ceramic AI - Ceramic Carbon Carbon
G AI - Ceramic AI - Ceramic G-PTFE G-PTFE
Z Other Combinations or Special Option

Dimensional drawings

The dimensional table is not shown as the dimensions are given directly on the drawing.

MET 050 Dimensioni

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